Welcome to “Magic in the Classroom”

First and foremost, thank you for investing your time to take this online course. I’ve been a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spain since 1994 and I know that teaching can be difficult, that it can get boring and repetitive, and that motivating your students is often mission impossible.

I also know that with all the bureaucracy that teachers have to deal with nowadays, there’s very little time to indulge in improving ourselves and training, so again thank you.

Over the next 30 or so videos, I’m going to show and explain to you a series of “magic principles” and adaptations of existing magic tricks to the classroom through some of my favourite, most adaptable, and easiest tricks and mentalism effects. All the videos are in English, so if you have problems understanding anything I say, then simply turn on the subtitles and don’t forget that if you have any doubts or questions then you can contact me via e-mail at alan@smithrobertson.net

Thank you again, and enjoy!

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