1 – Your first magic tricks… simpler is impossible!

What better way to start the course than by actually doing some magic! These three really simple tricks should serve as an introduction, and should also give you the chance to see for yourself how magic tricks can be used in the classroom to present or practice syllabus contents.

    • Last Card Standing
      • To begin, we will study three very easy magic tricks which I often use in the classroom to practice vocabulary. Throw a deck of 50 cards onto the table, and reject the ones which fall face down. Continue until there is only one card left… somehow you knew which card would be the last one to fall face up.
    • Hundreds and Thousands I
      • A simple trick for practicing numbers between 100 and 999
    • The List
      • The List is such a simple magic trick… I asked a student to do the trick for me!


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