Odd Pairs

You predict how many odd pairs there will be in a deck of cards with words from different categories written on them by your own students. An advantage of this trick is that it gets your students writing!

      • Make a prediction.
      • An advantage of this trick is that your students write their own words on the flashcards which will be used in the effect.
      • Skills: Listening, writing, reading & speaking
      • For practicing: Vocabulary from two different categories.

Demonstration & Explanation


In this case I have decided not to show you the original trick with the deck of playing cards… I’m sure by now that you can imagine that the odd pairs are red cards and black cards. The interesting thing about this trick is that all the students get to participate in the trick by creating the cards themselves, and the trick also subjects the students to the vocabulary over and over again, and it forces them to actively consider the meaning of the words throughout the effect, which is something that not many tricks achieve.


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