The Cluedo Effect

You know what card your student selected from a deck of any number of cards. In this video we will also see examples of how you can change and improve this trick, and how you can adapt it depending on your students’ needs or the contents you wish to practice.

      • Read your students’ minds or detect a “tell” in them.
      • This is a VERY versatile trick.
      • Skills: Listening & reading
      • For practicing: Vocabulary & pronunciation.

Demonstration, Explanation & 2 alternative versions (one very complicated, one super simple)


A real case scenario of the super simple alternative to the “Cluedo Effect” trick

This super simple adaptation of the “cluedo effect” trick uses two concepts which we will look at in further detail in the next chapter; namely “forcing” & “cheating“.

It uses “forcing” because while my student thinks he has a free choice when it comes to taking a card, I’m actually forcing one particular card on him. And it uses “cheating” because I’m using information that I know about the student to create the magic effect. The student doesn’t know that I have information on him, so he assumes I really am reading his mind.


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