VISA is a great trick which will give you lots of opportunities to practice the topic of shopping with your students, in VISA a pupil chooses something to buy from a selection… and it turns out that you were going to buy that exact same thing!

Before we look at VISA, we’re going to see the trick it is adapted from: Celebrity Match, by the mentalist Spidey:

Now watch VISA, and notice the little differences; like how a list of celebrities was changed into a shopping list or how the celebrity’s name was changed to a price tag in the reveal. During the explanation, we will also see examples of how this trick can be changed and improved, and how it can be adapted depending on your students’ needs or the contents you wish to practice, including using the gimmicked envelope concept behind The Six Envelopes trick to perform the reveal.

    • Make a prediction.
    • Lots of opportunities to engage with your pupils.
    • Skills: Listening, reading & speaking (interaction)
    • For practicing: The topic of shopping.

VISA (my classroom version of “celebrity match”): Demonstration & Explanation & Other adaptations and variations



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