The Odd Card Out

Odd Card Out is basically just a presentation variation very heavily based on Nick Trost’s trick Eight Card Brainwave, so before we look at how I use it in class, let’s see the original (he performs two tricks, we’re
interested only in the first one):


      • Make a prediction, OR depending on how you present it… your student has powers of mentalism!
      • I use this trick to practice “expressions for giving advice”, but it can be used for practically anything.
      • Skills: Listening & reading
      • For practicing: In this particular case, expressions for giving advice (although you can use it for almost anything).

Demonstration & Explanation

Now, as you will probably notice, I have adapted this trick to practice expressions for giving advice, and I even gave the trick a kind of “reverse psychology” feel to it, but naturally I could also change the presentation slightly and use it to practice other things like vocabulary, grammar, expressions of possibility… etc.


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