Five-card Mentalism

In this first adaptation, in which we basically just substitute playing cards with flashcards, you will seem to be able to read the minds of five of your students.


      • Read your students’ minds.
      • Lots of opportunities to engage with your pupils.
      • Skills: Listening & speaking (interaction & pronunciation)
      • For practicing: Vocabulary.

Demonstration & Explanation


As you have seen, this is a simple, self-working trick, and as long as you follow the instructions then you’ll be OK. It’s also a trick which gives you lots of opportunities to engage the students; you can ask them about their favourite food, allergies, local cuisine, and you can do a “listen and repeat” with the cards themselves.

The origin

This trick is based on an existing trick which uses playing card instead of cards with words on them. A nice version of this trick is performed by Brian Brushwood of the youtube channel Scam School. Take a look at the original version of the trick, and compare it to the “classroom version”. Be warned that Brushwood speaks very very very quickly, but don’t worry; we are not particularly interested in what he has to say, just in how he presents the trick!


Tips on doing magic


Real Case Scenario (in French!)

If you’re a French teacher, you’ll definitely enjoy the next video. It’s the same trick, but in French. The patter (or the script, if you prefer) is basically a translation of the original English version, and the vocabulary that I use the trick to practice is also the same.


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