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Doing Magic in the ESL Classroom

The next time you find yourself looking for ideas to make your ESL classes more unique, fun and engaging, try your hand at magic! Teaching can be difficult at times, and after a few years it can get boring and repetitive, and motivating your students is often mission impossible. There’s little you can do when …read more

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New online projects

When is a project over? When is a translation over? When is a work of art over? The answer is “never”… there’s always something about “your creature” which doesn’t completely satisfy you and which you feel the need to fix, or maybe you have a sudden attack of inspiration and an idea comes up which …read more

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My father is a idiot and don’t earnes enough money and he is gay

Most of the time you just turn your computer on and you do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes they can really make you mad. Normally a computer does not make you happy. What a computer can offer you might make you happy, but the actual computer itself does not… normally. Below is a conversation …read more

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