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Leslie Linguo, the ESL oriented chat robot

Leslie Linguo, the ESL oriented chat robot

Many projects and initiatives come and go. I’ve had dozens of websites; blogs, wikis, an online store, even my own social network… etc. which I’ve got bored of. Below is a more or less up to date list of the stuff I’ve not simply abandoned to the wind.

Leslie Linguo, ESL oriented chat robot – LESLIE LINGUO (acronym for Learning English as a Second Language in English) is an ESL oriented chat bot. He can talk about different topics in English, define words, provide synonyms and antonyms, translate words between English and Spanish, explain grammar, and finally conjugate nouns, adjectives and verbs, both in writing and orally. He is installed on a Centos 6 Linux Distribution, with Apache 2 and PHP5 on a VPS hosting account. He uses Program-O as an interface for his 80-megabyte AIML brain, Festival TTS for his speech synthesis, and LAME to convert his audio to mp3 format. His front end is scripted in PHP and he is 100% open source. – After just over a year working on LESLIE LINGUO I realised that artificial intelligence had a lot more to offer than just responding to a user’s input. When we talk about artificial intelligence and natural language processing, people usually refer to chatbots and online translations and information extraction and natural language generation and little more than that… well to that I can now add a couple of more online tools like the Online Reported Speech Converter, which uses artificial intelligence to process a phrase and convert it into reported speech. So if Ana said to Bob “I love you”, then Ana told Bob that she loved him! – Another ESLNOW-related project; GramCheck is a grammar checker for students of English as a Second Language.

Writer's Dokuwiki Template Screenshot

Writer’s Dokuwiki Template Screenshot

Writer’s Dokuwiki TemplateWriter’s is a customisable designer @fontface dokuwiki template which I designed with writers in mind and which I think is pretty neat for literary websites. I used this template for my website Tales of Extremadura (description below).

MyStyle Dokuwiki TemplateMystyle is a customisable designer @fontface¬†dokuwiki template based on Michael Klier’s Typo template, great for your own personalised designer portfolio or blog.

Websites – This site, an online portfolio.

The Anonymous – My old band; bass guitar, flute and vocals. – A satirical website in Spanish

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