Life change around the corner

Fuck off, bossI don’t read a lot of blogs, but today I was surfing the net looking for a million dollar idea (which is what the internet is for after sex, right?) when I stumbled across a blog… actually I stumbled across quite a few, but here’s a quote from one that really hit me:

So here’s the secret about blogging, the hidden truth: it changes you.

Writing forces you to reevaluate your thoughts and what it is that you actually value. What you hold dear. It makes you question your actions – put them to the test. Because if you’re not livin’ what you’re preaching, then you’re just another two-faced hypocrite.

Now I’ve been criticising the Spanish government really hard on my facebook and twitter accounts (in Spanish mostly) and I’m really really pissed with almost every single aspect of politics in this miserable dumbass country.


So, after some very careful consideration, and taking into account everything I’ve written against the government, and taking into account that if you’re not livin’ what you’re preaching, then you’re just another two-faced hypocrite, I’ve decided to quit as headmaster.

I’ve been thinking about it for nearly a year, and quite seriously too, though recent events down here have kind of pushed me over the edge. So I’ll be a normal every-day teacher again. And since I’m going to have to actually work every day now, and not spend three days a week behind a desk scratching my arse, I’ve also decided to rent a house in the area (I don’t think I have ever mentioned I live 120km away from my work) to avoid all those hours on the motorway. The disadvantage of that is that I’m going to miss my girls; they live with their mum, and if I rent near to my work then starting from next September they are going to be 120km away, obviously… but I’ll see them on weekends.

My wage is going to go down a bit too… not a lot because the extra headmasters get in this country is crap in comparison to the extra they get in other EU countries. Also my expenses will probably go up a hundred euros a month or something like that, but when I think of the resignation letter I’m going to send to my bosses in the regional government it makes me feel sooooooo nice and warm inside… it’s a feeling I just can’t ignore!

If I don’t do it I’ll regret it, and that’s one thing I can’t live or die with.