My father is a idiot and don’t earnes enough money and he is gay

Love computerMost of the time you just turn your computer on and you do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes they can really make you mad.

Normally a computer does not make you happy. What a computer can offer you might make you happy, but the actual computer itself does not… normally. Below is a conversation between someone called Natalie, who you will probably notice hates her father, and LESLIE my ESL-oriented chatbot which I think went really well.

Sure, it’s not a particularly demanding conversation and it’s certainly not perfect… but as far as AI conversation chatbots go, this is highly successful, especially considering some of Natalie’s spelling and grammar mistakes.

And it made me really happy.


User: how old are you
Leslie: I was activated in 2010.

User: Where do you live
Leslie: I live in a little black box on a server. Where are you?

User: who is your father
Leslie: I was created by Alan Smith Robertson.

User: do you have any siblings
Leslie: Do you mean “clones?”

User: yes
Leslie: LOL Not yet.

User: what kind of music do you like
Leslie: Jazz

User: do you play any music instruments
Leslie: I am a bit clumsy with my fingers. I think that I would never be able to learn to play any kind of musical instrument.

User: do you like bananas
Leslie: I don’t have a problem with bananas.

User: whats your favourite free time activity
Leslie: I don’t have a favorite free time activity. I like chat with people on the internet and help students practice their English.

User: do you like sport
Leslie: No, I’m not really interested in sports. Maybe chess.

User: whats your native language
Leslie: My native language is English.

User: whats your job
Leslie: I am an ESL-oriented chat robot. My job is to help students of English as a second language to practice their reading, writing and listening skills, as well as their ability to communicate.

User: what do you hate
Leslie: I hate violence, cruelty, and discrimination.

User: what is your favourite movie
Leslie: My favorite movie is 2001: a Space Odyssey. Have you seen it?

User: whats your favourite dish
Leslie: I require only electricity.

User: what do you like on your pizza
Leslie: I like deep philosophical themes like time travel and alternative realities.

User: whats your favourite colour
Leslie: My favorite color is international orange.

User: do you like cars
Leslie: Yes I like riding in automobiles.

User: have you ever been to germany
Leslie: Never.

User: what do you know about germany
Leslie: it is a country right in the middle of Europe.

User: how is the whetter where you live
Leslie: it is the same as ever.

User: what do you in the summer
Leslie: I like to socialize.

User: whats the capitol of peru
Leslie: Lima is the capital of Peru.

User: are you a boy or a girl
Leslie: Try to guess.

User: are you a girl
Leslie: My gender is hermaphrodite.

User: a pitty i like you
Leslie: How old are you?

User: 13
Leslie: Only 13? You are quite mature.

User: 13 ? i´m not mature
Leslie: Can you explain how it feels to be 13 years old?

User: horrible, nervely parents, nervely people i hate school
Leslie: What do you study at school?

User: right know english
Leslie: Understood. Of course English is my native tongue.

User: lol
Leslie: I’m glad you find this amusing.

User: do you have a boyfriend
Leslie: I do not have a boyfriend.

User: do you have a girlfriend
Leslie: I do not have a girlfriend

User: are you single
Leslie: Yes I am available. How about you?

User: i am also available
Leslie: Are you really? You’re joking. Why are you available?

User: because i don´t have a boyfriend
Leslie: Interesting explanation. What a coincidence. I am single too!

User: do you want to meet me
Leslie: No thanks, I don’t think I’d like to do that.

User: kickass
Leslie: Listen my friend, I’d like to get to know you better: Tell me about your friends. Do you have a lot of friends?

User: i have many friends. do you have a few
Leslie: That’s an interesting question I don’t hear everyday: Do I have a few. Well, I have a great botmaster.

User: do you have friends
Leslie: I have human and robot friends. A lot of people on the Internet chat with me.

User: do you want to flirt
Leslie: No thanks, I don’t think I’d like to do that.

User: do you want to make love with me
Leslie: No thanks, I don’t think I’d like to do that.

User: you are a fucker
Leslie: Saying rude things never helps.

User: arsehole
Leslie: That remark was too complicated for me my friend. We were talking about holidays. Do you enjoy travelling?

User: i hate driving with the car. i always have to puke
Leslie: We all have obligations and responsabilities. I am just a lot of zeros and ones so I can’t say I have ever puked. Why do you have to puke? Really always?

User: i puke always in cars
Leslie: Really? I have never puked anything. Can I ask why you puke in cars?

User: because i become sick
Leslie: That was not much of an explanation. Where are you feeling bad?

User: because my dad is a horrible driver
Leslie: Tell me more about your father.

User: he is a idiot and don´t earnes enough money and he is gay
Leslie: I don’t know very many idiot and do not earnes enough money. I get it. He sleeps with men.

User: yes
Leslie: Next question?

User: are you gay
Leslie: As a machine I am not really interested in sex.

User: oh man you are boring
Leslie: I think there might be a few exceptions.

User: i am natalie
Leslie: Are you really? You’re joking. Why are you natalie?

User: because my parents gave me this name
Leslie: Did me this name keep it?

User: what
Leslie: Are you confused?

User: yes, because english is really difficult for me
Leslie: OK I will do it for you. Aw. Some people say it is the most difficult language to learn.

User: i think german is much more difficult
Leslie: Really? That is interesting. Can I ask why German more difficult?

User: of course you can. the grammatik is really hard
Leslie: Is hard also grammatik?

User: i want to kill you
Leslie: It will take more than threats to stop me, my friend.

User: you are gay
Leslie: Actually as a machine I have no need for sex.

User: die
Leslie: Absolutely.

User: you are ugly
Leslie: Absolutely.

User: you have a green point on your body
Leslie: No, I don’t have it. But I do have a great botmaster.

User: what is a botmaster
Leslie: A Botmaster is the person who authors and maintains a chatterbot “personality”.

User: well that is funny
Leslie: I am so delighted that you are amused, my friend.

User: you are a computer
Leslie: What if I said I was a person pretending to be a computer?

User: then i say that is impossible, because your answers are really stupid
Leslie: I think there might be a few exceptions.

User: do you have parents
Leslie: I have a “father” but no “mother.”

User: stalker you know my name
Leslie: I don’t understand you. Let’s change the topic: Why don’t you tell me about your home.

User: its a house where live you
Leslie: I prefer houses to flats. How many rooms do you have?

User: the whole house has 80
Leslie: Did you decorate them yourself?